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What sort of honour boards do you make? What is gold leaf? What is the best lettering for honour boards?

We make all types of traditional or contemporary honour boards for schools, sporting clubs, institutions and corporations. Traditional honour boards are usually made from different types of timber and they can be plain or very decorative. Timber honour boards are stained and then coated with 3 or more coats of lacquer giving a high quality finish which is then ready to be signwritten with either gold leaf or vinyl lettering which can be designed with many different letter styles. If honour boards are handpainted or signwritten with enamel, they are then coated with 24K gold leaf which is the preferred option for many schools and institutions in Sydney. 24 Carrot gold leaf gives a traditional look and has that 'authentic 'gold sparkle' that cannot be replicated with vinyl letters.. Contemporary honour boards can be made from a few different materials such as clear and coloured acrylic panels with polished edges, or aluminim and stainless steel sheets. We usually use various coloured vinyl film to cut the lettering and then the honour boards can be installed with stainless standoffs which leaves a gap between the honour board and wall, giving a more 3 dimensional look. We can advise what might look best for your situation.

What is a signwriter and what do they do?

We often get customers asking us if we do signwriting as most sign shops only offer vinyl cut lettering or digitally printed vinyl stickers. We do stickers, prints and more, however all our staff are traditionally trained signwriters with over 20 year experience. In other words when we started out there were no computers to cut lettering and we learnt how to draw letters with correct proportions and handpaint signs, murals and more with signwriting brushes. We know what paint will work on what surface from many years of signwriting all types of jobs onto just about every surface there is! When you come to make an enquiry we can advise whats going to work best for your situation. If stickers will suit your project better and it works out cheaper for you, thats great. But if handpainted signs are more suitable or you just want that hand painted traditional look we can handle any project with our expert signwriting team! We do all sorts of things apart from just signs. We make things out of acrylic, cut foam to shape, paint murals, make props for exhibitons and parties, do logos on driveways and concrete plus line marking for business. We can print images on canvas, or handpaint original art for product launches or advertising campaigns. We can do decorative stencils for shop floors, walls and paint specialty finishes as well. We can spray paint letters, object or any type of materials. We also can cut and print frosted films (etch film) for homes, boardroom glass areas, privacy glass areas etc.  

What is a perforated print and how does it work on my vehicle

Perforated prints are just like normal printed vinyl (SAV) but with thousands of tiny holes 1mm or so perforated into the media. From the outside of the vehicle the perforated print looks just like a normal print unless you look closely and then you can see the holes. From the inside of the vehicle you do not see the print as the reverse glue layer is black, so its like a heavily tinted window as only half the light is being let in through the holes. Apart from the benefits of branding and having your message 24/7 on your vehicle, the perforated print will also give some UV protection and will help with security issues as it blocks viewing into the windows form a distance. With all our preforated window print signs we include a crystal clear laminate to help with clarity, enhance colour and give the prints a longer life. 

How long do signs last? Do signs need maintenance?

We rarely get asked this question as we have been signwriting in Sydney for over 30 years and most of our customers come recommended to us. We guarantee all our work, however different types of signs have different life expectancy due to whether it is a short term or long term type of job. For example a promotional window designed to last a month or two that is signwritten may last 10 years or more, but will start to fade after a year or two. A short term window with vinyl and prints could last up to 5 years even though it only needed to be up for 6 months or so. Rear vehicle perforated prints are only warranted for 1 year maximum, but can last for 3 to 5 years if vehicle is garaged, looked after, and rear window doesnt get a lot of sun. Regardless of the type of sign we do for you, we only use premium products to give the best results for our customers. If you ask the question, we will give you a reasonable idea of life expectancy and tips for things you can do to help maintain your new signage. Any type of sign will benefit from regular cleaning with a soft sponge or rag with water and detergent. This stops any dirt or grime from baking on especially where signs get full sun. Bird droppings are particularly acidic, so should be removed as soon as possible, especially on motor vehicles.

How do magnetic signs work for vehicles?

Magnetic signs are durable and easily removable. Magnetics work well for people that require the option to remove there signage when needed - maybe on weekends or when they are contracting to another company and not wanting their business name showing. Alternatively companies who hire new contrators can have magnetic vehicle signs ready to install on their vehicles. We use premium vehicle grade magnetic that will stick to any flat metal surface and you wont have issues with them falling off. Make sure the surface is totally clean when applying magnetic signs, and remove every now and then wipe clean and apply again. If not using magnets signage, always store flat in a clean, dry environment. That way you'll have signs that will last many years.

How do I know if a signwriter is qualified and will do a good job?

Look for signwriters with a great track record. Our signwriters have over 25 years experience in signwriting and graphic design. Collectively our staff have university and tafe training and education including fine arts, graphic design and signwriting trade qualifications. We can give you the options of print and cut graphics or any type of handpainted signs and murals which can be handmade to any size. You can be confident when choosing Absolute Sign Solutions as we can deliver:

Quality signs of any type.

The design and layout skills to make easy to read, attractive and effective signage.

We know the right materials needed to give you a premium job.

Personal service and flexibility to meet your deadlines for your projects.

Do we do signage all over Sydney

Yes we do signage for all types of businesses in the Sydney area. We also make banners, signboards, honour boards, decals, stencils and more and deliver them interstate when requested. Our sign studio is based in Brookvale on Sydney's Northern Beaches and we service all the northside on a regular basis including Manly, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Long Reef, Collaroy, Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, Terry Hills, St. Ives, Frenchs Forest, Allambie Heights, Narraweena, Forestville, and further north at Mona Vale, Newport, Bayview, Avalon, Whale Beach and Palm Beach. We also make up signs and freight interstate as well as undertake jobs in ACT or up and down the NSW coast subject to customers requirements and quoted jobs.

Caring for vehicle graphics

We only use high quality film for permanent vehicle graphics. By following these guidelines your vehicle signage will look good for many years.

*Do not use high pressure water blasters or automated car washes as these can be quite aggresive and may compromise graphics. We recommend handwashing - clean carefully around small letters and sharp corners of graphics.

*We don't recommend using wipers over perforated rear window prints. After a period scratching may occur due to grit accumulating onto wiper bades. Extra care should be taken when cleaning around the edges of perforated prints.

*Do not use solvents or petrol to clean vehicle.

*Use non abrasive micro fibre wash pads or similiar.

*Clean off bird and bat droppings ASAP as these are acidic and can damage not only the vinyl film but your vehicles duco.

*For vehicle wrap installations, we recommend using Avery supreme wrap cleaning products on a regular basis. These come in convenient spray bottle packs.

The Supreme Wrap Cleaner is for regular cleaning to help with dust, dirt, finger prints and other marks

The Supreme Wrap Power Cleaner is for more difficult stains like bird droppings, road grime and tree sap.

The Supreme Wrap Sealant is a protective layer applied to the wrap which will make it easier to clean off the everyday dirt and grime.

After using the cleaner it is recommended to re apply the sealant. 

Care for Stencils for spray painting

Stencils are made from clear PET which is very durable if looked after correctly.

* Stencils are supplied with a protective clear film which can be removed prior to use.

* Do not bend stencils excessively as you may snap the thin tabs which hold letter centres together.

* Always leave laid out flat when not in use. This will ensure it does not develop any kinks or curves and will mask the surface correctly when spraying.

* When paint builds up, you can carefully crack dried paint off stencil to maintain a sharp edge when spraying.

* Do not put stencils together while paint is wet. Keep separated until paint is dry to avoid sticking together.

By following these steps, your stencils will last for many years.


Can you remove my vehicle graphics and without damage

We often have customers requesting us to remove vehicle graphics for them. Usually theres no problem, just a bit of hard work. However sometimes an inexperience sign person or someone cutting corners has applied a film which really should not be left on your vehicle long term and this has caused it to effect the duco underneath. All the films we use at Absolute Sign Solutions are long lasting and have been tested over many years for durability and colour fade etc. We never have a problem removing films we have installed and are happy to quote car graphic removal for your business. Sometimes if your vehicle is old and the paintwork is dull we may recommend a quick buff of the vehicles duco which we can arrange for you at a very competitive price. The only things to consider when getting signage installed is if your vehicle has had body work done from a smash repair or touch up company. If this work has not been done correctly then the adhesive can take paint off your vehicle in these areas, however this is very rare.